Written and performed by Robert Vallecorse


I see the light behind your eyes
Candle burning crazy bright
I do believe you will learn to fly
Chase the dream and touch the sky

Cause you got magic living deep inside
Let it out and blow their mind

Dream girl dream
Believe in all that you can be
Nothing can stop your destiny
Reach for the stars and dream
Dream girl dream
Dream girl dream

This big old world will try to keep you down
But you can’t let it turn you around
Too many people will walk away
Up and quit before they have their day

But you got fire burning in your heart
No one can’t stop it once you start

(Repeat Chorus)

Inside of you
The feeling is so real
That dreams come true
You got one life to live, so make it cool

(Repeat Chorus)

Robert Vallecorse (BMI)
© Always ℗