Written and produced by Robert Vallecorse


Fire truck red
Ambulance lightning white
Officers in blue
All the colors of the flag shining through

When things get tough
It takes three numbers to dial them up

Breaking down the door
Lifting you off the floor
They always answer the call
Without them some of us wouldn’t be here at all
It’s easy to take them for granted
Don’t think about it ‘til you need it
But if you ever find yourself in trouble
You can bet your life on the red, white, and blue hero

Another late night, red eye
Emergency room shift
Those doctors and nurses
Standing at the ready for hurting to hit

Here they come now in waves
But they know what to do to save the day

(Repeat Chorus)

Watch them go . . .

This is 911, what’s your emergency today?
Are you okay, in a safe place?
Come on stay with me
Help is on the way

(Repeat Chorus)