Written and performed by Robert Vallecorse


We’ve all been taught the Golden Rule
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
But nowadays people say whatever they want to say
And we don’t always treat each other the right way

We can’t see with our eyes
But we’re not alone in this life

Maybe God is really watching
Looking down checking on everything
If we’re not more careful
Could be an embarrassing

He gave us all free will
So we can go do our thing
But Sunday to Sunday
And everyday between

Maybe God is really watching

Like a parent that tells their kids
Get along with brothers and sisters, like I said
Well, we don’t always listen and things can come undone
Maybe that’s why He sent His only Son

And now we know it’s true
This world belongs to You

(Repeat Chorus)

So much pain in this world
We wonder how this can be
But He’s given us all we need
It’s up to you and me to fix this thing

(Repeat Chorus)

Robert Vallecorse (BMI)
© ℗