Written and produced by Robert Vallecorse


Everybody’s got one
God’s gift is a mother’s love
Tested and sure, softly spoken
One thing that can’t be broken

She was always right there
Holding me up with her words
Positive even if it wasn’t true
Loving me when no one else would

My mother angel
Ready with a million smiles
It’s okay honey she would say
Hugs stretching out for miles
Her light always breaks the night
As her wings wrap around my life
With a love that’s the healing kind
Unstoppable, unforgettable, beautiful
My mother angel
My mother angel

Even if it’s just a memory
Of how she used to be
Like a tattoo on my soul
One that won’t fade when I get old

And I miss her, wanta kiss her
On the cheek like I did before
If you look inside my heart you’ll find
Little pieces that she left behind

(Repeat Chorus)

God took you home too soon
But now you can finally rest
When someday we meet again
We can hang out for a while and then
I can finally be home again in your smile

(Repeat Chorus)

Robert Vallecorse (BMI)
© Always ℗