Written and performed by Robert Vallecorse


The snow is falling down on Main Street
Candy canes on every corner take a look and see
All the kids out there waiting in line
Gettin’ some last minute Santa time

Hey, but there’s something, seems to be missing
He’s the reason for the season
The true light in this world
The King of Kings will soon be born

God’s only son
Here to save everyone
With the gift of nothing but pure love
He forgives but we forget he misses us
So let’s put Christ back in Christmas

Go ahead and hang those stockings by the fire
String some lights up on a tree with a star
Carolers outside singing on high
Fresh cookies sitting there I gotta try

(Repeat Pre)

(Repeat Chorus)

We get so busy, so wrapped up
Stressed out from this holiday stuff
Slow it down and just breath
Remember to always believe in

(Repeat Chorus)

Robert Vallecorse (BMI)
© 2020 ℗