Written and performed by Robert Vallecorse


She’s like a butterfly dancing around a summer sky
Not a care in the world, just watch her fly
She already knows where she’s got to go
Where she end up next nobody really knows, no they don’t

If you look deep look into her eyes
You can see the story of your life

You can’t change her mind, no, no, no
And you might ask her for a little more sweet time
But she’s gonna do whatever she wants to do
Crazy wild and free and they call her Destiny

Last: Nice to meet you Destiny

I’ve seen good Faith hanging ‘round town with blind Hope
They’ll both pick you up when you’re feeling low
But this girl will take you on a different ride
Keep your hands, arms and legs inside, and hold on tight

Take another look in her eyes
Yeah, the future seems all right

(Repeat Chorus)

She’s got the keys to that dream in your heart
God only knows if she’ll get it to start
Hands are sweating, chest is pounding
She sits there smiling like she saw it coming

(Repeat Chorus)

Robert Vallecorse (BMI)
© 2020 ℗