1. Stupid Sixteen

Written and performed by Robert Vallecorse


It ain’t easy growing up in that skin you’re living in
Sometimes you learn the hard way that enemies can be friends
The braces and the acne cream won’t patch up that self-esteem
And that backpack full of awkward isn’t helping anything

Stupid 16, stuck between a man and a boy
Hard to hear good advice through the teenage noise
Someday you will say looking back on this dream
None of us would be who we are without being stupid 16

You could be a little bit nicer to the people in your life
Listen up, study more, instead of staying out every night
I know, you think you’re cool, truth is you’re scared inside
And if you mess it up too big the future ain’t the forgivin’ kind

(Repeat Chorus)

High school state of mind
Can really mess you up inside
Everything seems like the end of the world
But it’s just boys and girls
Trying to figure it all out
Without a total meltdown
Things will get better in time
And you will survive

(Repeat Chorus)

Robert Vallecorse (BMI)
© 2020 ℗