Written and Performed by Robert Vallecorse


Gotta love getting off Fridays and gassed up Chevrolets,
Summertime weekends and midnight heat waves, they seem a little hotter nowadays
Ain’t nowhere to go in this rusted roof town, except maybe crazy, hey baby
What do you want to do with this time we’ve been wasting? And she said

Take me to the river, I’m down for that
Call up your friends, we’ll do shots and kickback
Flying on the dirt road only us locals know
Head to where the water gets bigger, getting down river

All these trucks lined up, nothing but headlights and water
Forget the fishing pole cause they won’t be biting with all this music and moonlight laughter
That homemade wine has been chillin’ for an hour, come on and pass it down, hey DJ
Spin some old school John Cougar, it could Hurts So Good right now, and they say

(Repeat Chorus)

Muddy water lawn chair dreaming
Where skipping rocks still has meaning
Memories saved up in these riverbanks
Small town streaming with the crew and some cold drinks

(Repeat Chorus)

Robert Vallecorse (BMI)
© 2020 ℗