1. I'm All In

Written by Jimmy Charles and Robert Vallecorse

Performed by Robert Vallecorse

I know you’ve been hiding that key to your heart
I ain’t like the last guy that tore it all apart
But I’ll keep searching if that’s what it takes
How about tonight we end this game of chase

What do you say baby we get on to free falling
There’s a whole lot of this love that we haven’t seen yet
Just take my hand and trust in me
You got to believe if you wanta be free
Ooo, can you hear that wild wind calling
I want to hear you say the words, say the words
I’m all in

It’s hard to find love like this these days
It comes and goes, there’s a million different ways
If I could only find some way to make you see
How beautiful our world can really be

(Repeat Chorus)

Sometimes you’ve just got to let your heart take a ride
If you take a chance on me, we’ll bring this love to life
I know you want to, I can see it in your eyes
Just say the words and fly

(Repeat Chorus)

Jimmy Charles and Robert Vallecorse (BMI)
© 2019 ℗