Written by Briana Tyson and Robert Vallecorse

Performed by Briana Tyson


She makes pennies on the dollar
Even though she works much harder than most people do
She wants to be a leader
But sometimes they all just see her as a pretty view

She doesn’t know just how long it’s gonna be
Til she can rewrite history

She’s a mother, she’s a daughter, yeah she’s strong just like her father
Born to be held back, but they can’t hold her back
She’s a lover, she’s a fighter, no you’ll never see her crying
And she won’t stop until the war is won
The Real Miss America

She’s fighting for the chance
To break that ceiling made of glass that always keeps her down
She don’t want her baby girl
To grow up living in the world like it is right now

She doesn’t know just how long it’s gonna take
But she’s gonna make it change

(Repeat Chorus)

Made of steel, heart of gold, set like stone she ain’t budging
She’s stronger than you think, and for her it’s all or nothing

(Repeat Chorus)