Written by Andre Pessis and Robert Vallecorse.

Performed by Robert Vallecorse


We can’t all be the quarterback in high school
Cheerleaders thinking you are too cool
But I had the freedom to follow my six-string heart
And the courage to take my best shot

Daddy told me son be anything you want to be
You’re lucky that you live here in this country

So, if you’ve got dreams go chase your dreams
No matter how impossible it seems
If they say it can’t be done
You gotta fight for your birthright
Your all American life

All my friends graduated and settled down
Big deals, fast wheels in a small town
I graduated while I was sleeping in my car
Playing for the tip jar in trashy little bars

I just can’t help dancing to a different drum
Chasing down happiness and turning up the fun

(Repeat Chorus)

Go write your kickass story
Go find your personal glory
It’s worth the sacrifice
To be living your all American life

(Repeat Chorus)