1. Girl Like You

Written and performed by Robert Vallecorse


Well, I thought I knew
How to really find love but it wasn’t true
Then you rolled in like a red sunset
A picture perfect moment, I’ll never forget

And I know
It’s that magic spark
When your eyes meet mine

Here we go
This has got to be
Love at first sight

I wanted to get lost
Lost with you
On the freeway of life
No tollbooth

Two hearts, one road
Love rolling true
I want to get lost
With a girl like you

Beautiful wild flower
Growing in the cracks of my weathered heart
We get lost and found together
You know I’m all in from the start

And I know
It’s as real as it gets
And putting my heart in drive

Here we go
Come on and
Say you will be mine

(Repeat Chorus)

Green light go
Favorite song
Playing on the radio
Got GPS turned off
Any direction is just fine
When I’m lost in your eyes

(Repeat Chorus)